4×4 Review


When petty thief Ciro (Peter Lanzani) tries to rob an ordinary-looking car, he finds out that his target is actually a high-tech machine – one that’s determined to trap him inside unless he can find a way to escape. To make matters worse, someone on the outside is in control of the car, and they seem to have a plan.


When I was watching 4×4 I wasn’t expecting much honestly, however, among me viewing the movie I was pleasantly surprised by how much I overall enjoyed it. To sum it perfectly “4×4” is basically like Ryan Reynolds’s film “Buried” in a car and it’s fascinating.

Peter Lanzani is absolutely a star in the making in 4×4 is performance is simply breathtaking and his counterpart villain of the story. Dady Breva is just as captivating this movie will service a lot of thriller fans.

Mariano Cohn does such a great directing the tight scenery into a tense atmospheric thrill ride. It makes me want to look up his previous films and look forward to his upcoming work as a filmmaker.

Red Hound Films will release 4×4 on Digital and VOD on February 2, 2021

Overall grade: 4/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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