PVT Chat review


Jack is an Internet gambler living in NYC who becomes fixated on Scarlet, a cam girl from San Francisco. His obsession reaches a boiling point when fantasy materializes in reality and Jack sees Scarlet on a rainy Chinatown street

PVT Chat is one of the most provocative movies if not the most of 2021 already. After being one month removed from the astonishing Promising Young Woman, whose provocative narrative didn’t sit well with some of its core audience. We loved it as we did with PVT Chat. It also features some breakthrough performances that we will bring up.

Julia Fox is simply astounding and should be on everyone’s must-watch list after PVT Chat comes out and Peter Vack is believable to the point you just wanna punch him in the face and tell him to “Wake Up”. However, if you’re one of the people that got uneasy with how Don Jon threw porn in your face, you probably won’t be up to par for PVT Chat. Needless to say, this isn’t a Sunday family movie affair.

Director Ben Hozie does a phenomenal job directing this production on what is sure to be a shoestring budget making it look like a sure-fire Oscar-worthy arthouse production that is sure to have a cult following and will own the midnight screens for year’s to come. PVT Chat is a real winner and a keeper for years to come.

Overall grade: 4/5 stars

Written by: AJ Friar

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