The Little Things review

The Little Things, is an exceptional psychological thriller and an awesome experience given to us by HBO Max. Featuring some heavyweight performances from Jared Leto who hasn’t been this good since The Dallas Buyers Club. Denzel Washington is amazing as always the only one in the cast that wasn’t up to par in my opinion was Rami who fresh off an Academy Award, he seems to just mumble his lines and wasn’t selling his character.

The plot is something that we would see from a 90s thriller so this is best described as a “popcorn thriller” where if your able to check your brain at the door and not be too critical you’ll have a rather fun time with it. However, it does often this “Been there, done that” vibe throughout the whole film that may not entice you to see it multiple times.

If this was released in the 90s I think it would have been a bigger impact. It would be cool to see it in a drive-in theater. As it does get dark and being outside would be an awesome way to experience it. Overall I had a fun time with The Little Things even if it did look better on paper than it’s finished product.

Overall Grade: 3/5 stars

Written By: AJ Fiar

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