The Cleansing Hour Blu-Ray Review

The cleansing hour is really great take on exorcism horror. Set up spectacularly as we see a priest who the modern exorcist. Taking his level to the mainstream and having his “exorcisms” stream online for the public to see how he operates. The premise of The Cleansing Hour seems pretty by the book, however, it’s the sublime acting and script that elevates The Cleansing Hour.

Now when I first viewed this film last year, it must’ve been making its festival circuit around then. I was worn out by movies watched previously that and now I wish I saved The Cleansing Hour for a fresh mind because now I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially Kyle Gallner who made a real departure from Veronica Mars here and is having a great year with this and Dinner in America which is one of my favorites of the year.

Damien LeVeck also does a solid job sharing duties as a co-writer and as director. The Cleansing Hour does take some unexpected turns and angles you won’t see coming and appreciate them by the time the credits roll. Especially since people are always asking for new horror movies to watch, The Cleansing Hour is one of the better ones out there now.

The Blu-ray is spectacular with the picture transfer and the sound is amazing as well. I wish there were a few more special features to talk about but this one is worth adding to your horror collection.

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