Apple TV’s Servant Season 2 premiere review

We at Infamous Horrors were lucky enough To attend the premier of Apple TV’s Servant season two. I was really a huge fan of season one of servant, I was really interested on how M. Night Shyamalan could expand this universe of his masterful tv show and I’m glad he seems to be more hands on then he originally intended for the series as it helps a huge deal with him hand picking each director for the show.

As some of you may know from season one that the child that the nurse is taken care of is in fact a doll and not a human being. Servant Features a ton of powerhouse performances especially from Toby Kebbell and Rupert Grint. The dark humor is really spectacular and it keeps going in the season premiere. I do find it interesting that serving is a half hour drama that format may not sit well with some. It is groundbreaking to do a whole series in a single house which M. Night discussed with Apple TV.

Also M. Night is a guy you love or hate by now. I’m mainly on board with my of his work except The Last Airbender, Lady in The Water and The Happening. Yes I think Glass is freaking awesome. Servant isn’t going to sway you one way or another on the guy but at least he’s polarizing enough to keep conversations going.

I truly love the narrative of Servant it’s such a uniquely told scripted series. I hope we do get to see it go six seasons like M. Night once said but if they feel like ending sooner totally cool, I really think it’s a solid premier as often some shows that feel like they should be a one off, force a second and it doesn’t pay off. Servan pays off extremely well.

Overall grade: 5/5 stars

Written by: AJ Friar

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