‘Hacksaw’ review-A Retro-thrill ride

Hacksaw is a unique way to do a film. Shot in a POV format. Almost like a gimmick to a fault, however the team behind Hacksaw has real promise including the ones in front of the camera. Shot on what I am sure is a minimum budget, or what some would call a shoestring budget. Is mainly what hurt Hacksaw.

The main thing about Hacksaw that keeps it going along is the retro feel and the modesty amongst the cast. Making it feel as intimate as it can, never really giving us a shallow feeling while watching it. The script may not be that tight or hashed out as some would want. Though if you want the old drive-in movie style back it makes its stride in Hacksaw.

Anthony Leone really does a solid job with showcasing his directing skills here as well, you can see a lot of 70s horror films that inspired his style of filmmaking in Hacksaw. You will soon know about the name Ed “Hacksaw” Crowe who will be soon become a cult icon in the horror community.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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