Shadow in The Clouds(Review)-is a tense full tilt suspense movie

Shadow in The Clouds demands to be seen on the biggest and loudest screen especially IMAX and Dolby Cinema. Hopefully when theaters reopen they’ll be willing to show this the way it was meant to be seen.

Chole Grace Moretz gives her best performance since Kick-Ass here as the protagonist in this sly and stylish B Horror movie with an A List cast and budget. If you’re a fan of any B Movies Shadow in The Clouds. She is simply stunning and amazing in this movie that never lets up from the word go.

There’s also excellent direction and writing in Shadow in the Clouds that builds the tension throughout that you can cut it with a knife. My only regret about this movie is as previously stated not being able to see it on the big screen. As I could only imagine everyone’s reaction during the tension in the movie.

Shadow In The Clouds does have a pricey tag on its rental and buy price on digital platforms at $19.99 to rent and $24.99 to buy. I’m here to tell you it’s worth every Penny in my mind.

Overall grade: 4/5
Written By: AJ Friar

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