The Little Things review

The Little Things, is an exceptional psychological thriller and an awesome experience given to us by HBO Max. Featuring some heavyweight performances from Jared Leto who hasn’t been this good since The Dallas Buyers Club. Denzel Washington is amazing as always the only one in the cast that wasn’t up to par in my opinion was Rami who fresh off an Academy Award, he seems to just mumble his lines and wasn’t selling his character.

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La Casa 2021 review

La Casa might very well be one of the best horror movies of 2021 with a very much End Of Watch vibe meets House Of The Devil. With an amazing synth score to give you all the 80s nostalgia in the perfect way. The way the aspect ratio opens up the movie is also an ace choice. There’s a lot of bold and interesting choices La Casa makes that a typical low budget B-Movie wouldn’t be able to pull off.

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Morbius pushed all the way back to 2022

So we we’re already supposed to be able to see Marvel’s Morbius a couple times by now if it wasn’t due to this pandemic that’s still shocking the globe. I just hope this doesn’t end up messing with the timeline as we saw Vulture at the end of the official trailer for Morbius when it was released. Now with SpiderMan 3 expected in December, we now have to guess what’s going to be in store for that as well.

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