AJ’s best of 2020 featuring movies shows and true crime podcast

Here is my top ten list of 2020 which was a difficult year for us all so excuse me if my list isn’t as top tier like it normally is with a lot of films being pushed back till 2021. Who know what this list would’ve looked like if it were a normal year.

1. The Invisible Man- While I’m the complete opposite of a Blumhouse fan, he did have a couple movies this year that made it onto this list and The Invisible Man is one of them with an Award worthy Elisabeth Moss

2. Promising Young Woman- While not being a flat out horror film, it does have elements of being one of the best genre films of the year with a lot of bold performances and plot twist that you won’t believe.

3. The Lodge- Its an incredibly dark and unsettling film that’s produced by Hammer Horror that may be more amongst the lines of A24 by today’s standards and features excellent cinematography.

4. Run- I believe this was once a Blumhouse film before it was sold off to Hulu due to Covid and theaters. It features a standout performance by SarahPaulson who commands the screen as well as a breakthrough performance from Kiera Allen.

5. Freaky- Geez this is 2020 for me, a lot of Blumhouse movies controlling my list including this hilarious take on Freaky Friday which is basically Friday The 13th meets Freaky Friday and a terrific Vince Vaughn which has the most fun he’s had since Wedding Crashers.

6. Underwater- Featuring Kristen Stewart’s finest performance, in an HP Lovecraft heavily influenced vibe. That is so rad it’s bound to impress a lot of genre fans that are skeptical to watch it because of the cast.

7. The Hunt- An awesome spin on The Most Dangerous game sure to be divisive as it gets amongst a typical fan base but I rather enjoyed this campy darkly comedic tale.

8. Rent-A-Pal: A shockingly well made film featuring what is sure to be compared to the Joker of 2020 Wil Wheaton and a breakout Brian Landis Folkins who should have an Independent Spirit Film Award nomination up his sleeve for this. Look for it on Hulu!

9. Centrigade- The 127 Hours of 2020 that is an emotional roller coaster boosted by a Genesis Rodriguez that deserves more love than she is currently getting in Hollywood. She’s a freaking star in the making people! We have Kevin Smith to thank for her once again!

10. Sputnik- Set in Cold War Russia circa 1983. Dealing with real life events mixed in with an Aliens vibe it’s one plenty genre fans will love if they can get past the subtitles it’s quite enthralling. Makes us feel like we need more Cold War set horror films in our lives!

Honorable Mentions:

1. Spell

2. Anything For Jackson

3. Antebellum

4. The Bay of Silence

5. Bad Hair

Best Shows:

1. The Flight Attendant

2. Supernatural

3. What We Do In The Shadows

4. The Last Drive In With Joe Bob Briggs

5. The Outsider

6. Lovecraft Country

7. Dirty John: Betty Broderick

8. Room 104

Best True Crime Podcast:

Once Upon A Time In The Valley

Written By: AJ Friar

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