Shortcut(2020) Review

Shortcut is an amazingly fun teen scream movie, where the genre seems almost dead. Shortcut awakens it and gives us a pretty badass creature feature flick in the process. In 2020 we we’re supposed to get A Quiet Place 2 but instead we get a lower scale Creature Feature film that works on every level.

The chemistry between the group of grade school kids makes it come across as a raunchy little rascals which is really fun to watch unfold. Even when the suspense builds there’s a lot of homage to goonies in Shortcut throughout.

However, if you don’t like a lot of comedy in your horror films I’d suggest you to steer clear of Shortcut. It was also a fast paced joyride it’s a really fun 85 minutes to kill this week during Christmas when it’s released on digital platforms Tuesday.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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