Camille Sullivan interview for ‘Hunter Hunter’

We recently got the chance to talk with one of the stars of IFC Midnights new thriller film Hunter Hunter. Here is our conversation with Camille Sullivan!

AJ: Hey Camille, how are you doing today?

Camille Sullivan: I’m doing great, thanks for asking.

AJ Friar: How did you get involved with Hunter Hunter?

Camille Sullivan: Well, it was funny because my agent called my cell while I was on my run that morning, then I got home and read the first ten pages and I couldn’t put the script down. Called back my agent and said I was in.

AJ Friar: How was it like working with Devon Sawa on this? Because he was so different then he usually is in Hunter Hunter.

Camille Sullivan: Oh! He was so great. I must’ve been living underneath a rock because I didn’t know much of his work before working with him. He was so professional on each take and it was super working with him.

AJ Friar: We’re you all able to finish this film before the virus happened or was there still stuff needed to filmed for Hunter Hunter?

Camille Sullivan: Yeah, fortunately we got lucky and finished shooting in October before the virus happened in the states. However, I still had to do a lot of R&R voice over work for my character after the virus so it really cool they sent us this app to where we could do as many takes as we wanted until we felt comfortable with the take.

AJ Friar: Wow, how was that. Typically you have cues from people in the studio telling you when do go so you’re on time with the voice over work.

Camille Sullivan: Yeah! Totally luckily with the app it didn’t feel that much different.

AJ Friar: Well Camille, thank you so much for joining us at Infamous Horrors today. Really fun talking with you today, take care.

Camille Sullivan: Ah Thank you! You take care as well.

HUNTER HUNTER is available in Select Theaters, Digital and On Demand December 18th.

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