Songbird(2020) review

Songbird is a pandemic thriller that deals with Covid-23 and that may be far too soon in today’s social media age and with Covid-19 currently going on, this movie is bound to get a whole lot of hate from the masses from the word go!

However, the movie isn’t as terrible as you’ve probably heard. Although it isn’t great either, there’s a massive amount of flaws in Songbird, making it out to be the next Bird Box and it may gain a cult following. I thought personally, that the acting was hit or miss.

KJ Apa and Craig Robinson did a good job with their parts respectively. Bradley Whitford however, gave a Razzie-worthy performance. I hate to say that after Get Out. Alexandra Daddario was admirable but ultimately in a wasted role that wasn’t fleshed out enough to have any real commentary.

With Songbird being produced by Micheal Bay, I feel like it suffered from him being too involved, with a frantic pace and not enough character development to go around and not enough characters to care for even the ones we’re supposed to care for.

Overall grade: 2.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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