Directors Guild wants meeting with Warner Bros

Well, well, well. There has been a lot of hate on my Facebook feed towards the HBO Max and Warner Bros deal. In a world in a pandemic imagine a world where directors and theater owners don’t care about the greater good and the safety of movie goers? Shocking right? Not at all.

The Directors guild of America is demanding a meeting with Warner Brothers to get more transparency with the announcement I still hope it happens, the movie going experience is still going to be put on hold. Especially if Covid doesn’t get straightened out the big movies are going to be pushed back anyways.

As of now this just seems much ado about nothing. This is from the Hollywood Reporter.

the Guild has sent a letter to Warner Bros. requesting a meeting to outline their complaints about their release strategy. The report says that part of the frustration that the Guild has with the studio revolves around a meeting that took place in November of last year, in which Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff discussed their future plans for keeping a fair market value for films while they figured out the exact role of HBO Max. After their release strategy for 2021 was revealed last week, many felt that the company’s new plan contradicts the discussions that were had during that meeting. The Guild is now requesting another meeting with Sarnoff to address these new issues.

Seems like big egos not caring enough about the current situation of the world. What do you think of all this?

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