Some of you may recall the horror-comedy directed by Kevin Smith called Tusk, that kinda reshaped his career, I for one enjoyed the movie though I don’t it really became a movie till Michael Parks character showed up. However, it almost happened with Jason Blum producing and he didn’t want Justin Long, instead a more interesting choice… Jesse Eisenberg was his choice.

This to me is a really weird choice even for Blum, I know Jesse was becoming a star around the time Tusk was released, I don’t think he could’ve pulled off the asshole part as well as Justin Long did, and Justin and Michael had such great chemistry, I’m glad it didn’t happen with Jason Blum. Though part of me is curious to see how Kevin Smith would’ve paired with the Blumhouse crowd.

Kevin Smith and Jason Blum seem to admire each other though they wanted to do different things with the project and went their own ways. I hope one day, they can find a project to work on together in the future.

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