Legendary Pictures supposedly not pleased with HBO Max’s strategy

Some of the most stunning news in the movie industry was the release strategy that HBO Max and Warner Brothers have come to turns with about releasing their whole 2021 slate on HBO Max same day as theaters. While not everyone has HBO Max some people will still go to theaters to see the releases.

It does however, shut down half of their market like Netflix’s release strategy which is understandably getting Legendary Pictures upset as well as James Gunn and Christopher Nolan(who has the biggest ego in the industry). I am applauding Warner Bros on their ability to adapt and change.

I have seen many “filmmakers” on my newsfeed upset about this release idea. Most that are upset with it aren’t really ready for change to come in a Swift and fast fashion. There will still be a lot of flashback to come in the aftermath. Hopefully filmmakers will come around to the new normal.

What do you think about HBO Max and Warner Bros deal, keep in mind this is only for 2021’s release slate as of now.

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