Horror Pack(November edition) Review

Our friends over at Horror Pack sent us one of their November boxes to review and it has a couple of gems as well as a couple movies I have yet to seen including the remake of Flattliners. I have been holding off on that for as long as I could, but since Horror Pack included it this month, I’ll have to find time to watch it and congratulations for Eliot Page(formerly Ellen Page, for coming out as Transgender!).

This months box came with Dead Ant starring Tom Arnold which is basically a hair metal creature feature and it worked for me. It wasn’t great or all that good, but it was serviceable enough to sit through. It also came with the great The Conjuring, I understand why people wanna shit on these movies because of the Warrens background. However, The Conjuring restored my faith in horror movies in the 2000s.

The one movie I have never heard of in the November box was called Bloodline, sometimes Horror Pack has exclusives for independent horror films, so I’m curious if Bloodlines is one of those. This is a rather impressive month for horror pack.

Overall grade for products: 4/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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