Black Bear Review

Black Bear is the type of slow burn mind boggling to experience I love… No it’s not elevated horror like a lot of critics of A24 point to complain about because all they want is jump scares and gore. I’m over that criticism. This is not an A24 production, this is from momentum pictures and it features a dazzling electrifying Aubrey Plaza in a demanding role and she captivates every scene that she is in. She should get a lot of love from the genre fan base in this as she goes all in.

The main complaint I have about Black Bear is the whole making a movie within a movie sub plot is overly drawn out and somewhat of a cop out now, I can see that turning a lot of people off from enjoying Black Bear, though I throughly enjoyed about 85% of the film there were still some flaws that stood out including the sub plot devices that didn’t completely work. Unlike Nocturnal Animals where that movie succeeds, I still heard some criticism that it tried to outsmart itself, and that’s how I felt about some of Black Bear.

The acting in Black Bear however is rather strong and compelling and never misses a beat. Including scene stealer Christopher Abbott who is absolutely incredible, and there’s no denying Sarah Gadon’s talent on screen in Black Bear, these three leads carry the movie and then some!

Overall grade: 4/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

Black Bear is set to hit VOD Friday December 4th 2020

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