Godzilla Vs Kong considering to debut on a streaming service

2020, the year where anything could be considered possible. Godzilla VS Kong is reportedly looking for a streaming debut, I personally don’t believe it because of the $200 million price tag seems steep, but Wonder Woman 84 shocked the world and is streaming on HBO Max at no extra charge and in theaters.

I would be bummed if Godzilla Va Kong premiered on Netflix or HBO Max, considering this is made for a huge screen and loud sound. This could be the new normal, however, this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Maybe Godzilla Vs Kong will play the waiting game with Wonder Woman 84 streaming numbers.

One of the driving forces behind Godzilla vs. Kong’s potential move to streaming is the film’s high budget and a stacked slate of blockbusters for 2021. Legendary financed 75% of the $200 million blockbuster, with WB paying for the remaining 25% and giving them a say in which streaming service it could debut on. Since they are behind HBO Max, the potential for Godzilla vs. Kong to draw more subscribers is high.

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