Jack Kilmer interview for The Giant

We at infamous horrors got the chance to speak with Jack Kilmer, one of the stars of the great movie The Giant, which like a mix of Rivers Edge, A Ghost Story, and Terrence Malick. It’s just beautiful to watch.

AJ Friar: Hey Jack, how are you? Hey, thank you for joining at infamous horrors today, Jack, the giant has a lot of things going on in the plot. Uh, how was it like reading the script an hour? Are you reacting to what, when you read it? Cause it can be so many myths things like genre and rise into the script and it just felt so most together perfectly. So how was it like reading the script from the giant?

Jack Kilmer: Well, very confused, the script is very confusing and at first I took it later on and I was expecting it to be about an actual giant, like, uh, a very large creature, but, um, but then I started looked a little deeper and found there was a lot of, of, um, meaning and, and um, a lot of things about growing up and friendship,

AJ Friar: Right? Like the giant in the script kind of was metaphorically like the elephant in the room about growing up and leaving everything behind kind of done. And so how was it like being on set on this film? Because the cinematography was excellent and the film, you know, the set pieces were so tight and it was just amazing to watch. How was it like working with the director and the cast with everybody involved on the giant?

Jack Kilmer: Yeah, it was cool. Like you really got the feeling that, that something was going something powerful and cool was happening behind the camera with David. Right boy. And, uh, the cinematographer who were like just a two headed monster of filmmaking and, um, we’re just really pushing each other to get the best stuff and the most interesting stuff.

AJ Friar: And uh, early on in your career, what got you to, uh, want to be an actor growing up?

Jack Kilmer: Oh, I never really, I never really wanted to and it just kind of happened and um, that way, um, and, um, I had a lot of a really great support system around me and people that were really supportive and, um, creative and, and lucky to have those people because I had a really good experience first experience with it.

AJ Friar: Yeah. And, uh, this year has kind of weird with premiers for movies. And especially with the giant, I wasn’t like dealing with this year where it’s like different from your typical red carpet premiere and all of that. How is it just watching the feedback you’re getting from afar and then usually you wouldn’t be at a red carpet promoting it and all that other stuff.

Jack Kilmer: Well, I think we’re all adapting and to the new normal here and, and, um, and it’s can be uncomfortable and different, but I think we’re all adapting and there will probably be some huge innovations.

AJ Friar: Yeah. Because we’re seeing that now with a lot of like universal just announced their 21 day window now where it has been typically a 90 day window before movies came out and now we’re getting premium videos on demand the same day. And, uh, just, it’s amazing to see how quickly some studios are adapting and somehow still are kind of reluctant to change, but the giant was an independent film and you can get a lot more like creativeness from independent films rather than studio. And like you said, the script was kind of confusing to read, but I mean, with this being an independent film and kind of gave them more leeway to kind of think outside the box with how everything a transfired and the giant as well.

Jack Kilmer: Yeah, sure.

AJ Friar: What was your fondest memories of working on the giant?

Jack Kilmer: Just hanging, hanging out with the cast and crew and swimming in the Lake and exploring the woods of Georgia. And, and, uh, we all got to sit around. We had, we had time to sit around and talk about our characters and our emotions, and that was just priceless time as an actor.

AJ Friar: Yeah. And Georgia is a great town, our great state too. Did you guys happen to do any, uh, sight seeing while you, and they’re just going around checking stuff out?

Jack Kilmer: I love Georgia. Um, you know, we, we went to a lot of lakes and we explored the nature and the explored nature, Georgia nature, but we didn’t really go into the town into town much because, and we went into Athens and hung out in Athens. I had dinner, but mostly we were just, we were trying to wait if we had free time where we were trying to do things our characters would do. So that would be like swimming in a Lake or, or, um, exploring the woods.

AJ Friar:Now with the giant, was there anything, uh, difficult to, uh, shoot during the filming process? Or was there like a lot of support around you? I know there’s a of support around the cast and crew, but was there any like difficult seems to suit in this, uh, on the giant?

Jack Kilmer: Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, like, it was the whole thing was challenging, um, with the weather, you know, with the rain and like, I think I’m, uh, the camera department, I think felt a lot of the pressure cause they were shooting on film and um, you know, you have to still have to deliver the dailies or whatever and that’s, that’s hard work. You can’t just shoot forever. You guys have limited amounts of time when with film and, um, and yeah, but we were lucky that, you know, like David right away to director is very creative and if something wasn’t working or there was a physical challenge, he would, you know, say throw it away. And, and, and, you know, I think that’s like a sign of a good filmmaker. Someone who can really just like, you know, feel the pressure and be creative and use what you have is, you know, or she right.

AJ Friar: And, uh, in the giant. Did you happen to, uh, bring any of your own back story to your character for this? Or was there just enough backstory in this script? Find the giant?

Jack Kilmer: I think there was enough backstory in the script and I just, I was lucky to sit down with Odessa young, a few nights and talk, talk about, we got to just talk about it and, and very naturally it came up with her backstory to again,

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