Leap of Faith Willaim Fredkin on The Exorcist review

Leap of Faith is an interesting well-made documentary about The Exorcist. However, the documentary does not add much new to the folklore and myths about the making of The Exorcist. This is where the documentary seems like a waste of time for the vast majority of the runtime. While it is cool to see what went on behind the set and what William did with the script and filming if you’ve been following other documentaries and the recent Cursed Films series it may not be for you.

If you’re new to The Exorcist however and want to see an interesting study on the film, Leap of Faith will be great for a beginner on the subject. It will show you a good time, for us die-hard fans of The Exorcist it will seem pretty lazy and bloated. I do enjoy seeing William Friedkin talking about the making of The Exorcist and would love a podcast series of it.

Overall the documentary is well-made it doesn’t offer anything new. It’s now streaming on Shudder so if you have the time to check it out and are new to the horror genre it will be a perfect introduction.

Overall grade:
2.5/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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