Murder, Bury, Win review

Murder, Bury, Win is a witty comedy-horror even though it’s not particularly horror enough for most of the readers on our site, it will satisfy those who like horror to be mild and their comedy witty enough to be smart and comedic at the same time. The story isn’t all that far out there it’s pretty simplistic.

The performances are what really keeps Murder, Bury, Win afloat. The whole cast really gives it their all, even though the production quality really hurts the film in a huge way. If it could be remade later on it would be highly welcomed. Where we could do more kills and have more of a vibe like Game Night.

Overall Murder, Bury, Win comes with a mixed bag. However, what they’re able to pull off with such a low budget and the witty comedic themes this comedy-horror carries is well appreciated. There’s a lot of me that thinks it still could have been a lot better than it’s finished product.

Overall grade: 2.5/5 stars
Written by: AJ Friar

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