Jeremy King interview for Scare Package

The other week I had the chance to speak with the cast of Scare Package and their experience with Anthology films and working with Joe Bob Briggs. This interview is with Jeremy King. Hope you all enjoy the interview.

AJ Friar   (00:03):
Hey, can you hear me? Yep.

Jeremy King  (00:13):
Hey AJ, I’m doing great. I’m doing great. How are you today?

AJ Friar   (00:18):
I’m good. So what got you interested in joining scare package?

Jeremy King (00:25):
Who says I was interested? Um, I I’ve been working with Aaron and Cameron over a paper street pictures for many years now. And so when they called me about this one, I just thought it sounded like an absolute blast. And, um, so I said, yes.

AJ Friar   (00:53):
And when you were reading for the film, were you just given your specific segment and that you were involved in or did they send you this script or how did it go down when you were getting ready for your part and scare package?

Jeremey King  (01:10):
Um, so the way it works is I actually, yeah, you’re right. I only got the script for the wraparound, so I didn’t see the other films until I think they were getting ready to sort of release it. They, I was, I think I was over at the, um, one of the editors houses and he showed me some of them and, you know, I was super excited by that point, because I think a lot of the other directors here just absolutely blew it out of the water. Right. But yeah, originally, originally we didn’t, I didn’t have any idea what the other, what the other segments were.

AJ Friar (01:51):
And was that kind of difficult, just reading your, uh, segment for it, not knowing all how this is going to connect before you watch it, did that play any part in it, or did you just kind of treat it like you were reading for a short film?

Jeremy King  (02:09):
I think Aaron had a really good idea of like basically the way it worked is they shot all these short films over a period of two years, uh, with all these different directors all over the country. And then they created the wraparound afterwards. So while we were filming, Aaron would be able to give me a pretty good idea of what was leading into and what was leading out of our different segments. So we, we had a pretty good idea of what was going on and the other short films. So I think that really helped me give me a full picture of, of, you know, what was sort of happening in the wraparound. Right.

AJ Friar   (02:46):
And how was the continuity between you and your cast members in your segment? Because I guess you don’t often see the whole cast until this is all completed. So how was it, how has been talking to the cast members in your segment?

Jeremy King (03:04):
Um, I, I absolutely had the best time after this, um, this project from the video store with Han and Byron to, you know, the main segments, you know, when we all kind of get trapped in the, in the building, um, with chase Williamson and, you know, Zoe and, um, IRN, Josephine, I mean, they were all just so awesome. And then getting the chance to work, Joe Bob Briggs and Dustin Rhodes, obviously gold dust was just, I mean, the whole thing was, was an absolute treat.

AJ Friar: 
Well, and that was a perfect Segway for my next question, because I was going to ask how I’m going to feel working with Joe Bob Briggs is like, it wasn’t in the horror community scene, uh, was on like monster Vision way back. So how was it like getting him because this kind of helps solidify the film in the horror, like the fan base and not only that with him, both with him being in it. And he was kind of able to host it on Shudder and with his last drive in. So that must’ve been fun.

Jeremy King (04:18):
Well, the really the really interesting thing about this was that Aaron had him in mind from the very beginning when he was writing this as this sort of like core guru. And he actually, we filmed all this before any of the shutter stuff was even happening. So it was really just lucky the way that it all fits together. And obviously being able to premiere on the last drive in was, you know, amazing, go ahead. I was just going to say, and, and working with them was a blast too. I mean, he, he really threw a lot of different things at me, every single take. So we really got a chance to improv our scenes a lot. And I mean, especially the death scene, I, I had trouble a few times keep him away, keep it straight, just because, you know, I’m in this, I mean, there’s like sad crying, like I’m losing who I think is micro paw. And, you know, he’s basically just telling me so,

AJ Friar   (05:30):
Right. And, uh, the whole Shudder situation really worked out because not only did he host it, but then just passed a million subscribers on their, uh, networks and that must’ve helped elevate the premier and too, because now he can just get that much of a wider audience instead of like going to theaters and white, everything being certain down right now, but you can get platform.

Jeremy King (05:58):
Right. Well, from what I understand, I think this is the first actual premier of a film that he’s had in the last drive. And so when I found that out, I think I found out the night of, they weren’t really allowed to talk about it, but I think Aaron gave me a call a little bit before it aired, so we could jump on Twitter and, and, and, you know, kind of be with everybody there. But the way it worked out was just, I mean, absolute know, absolute this great luck, but it goes back to the fact that, you know, Aaron B Koontz , the director is, is, you know, a huge horror fan and horror efficientOtto from way back. And, you know, he already had this love for Joe Bob before all this other stuff came out. So he was excited, you know, just to have Joe Bob on set from, you know, his memories of him, um, for monster vision and, and stuff like that. So it just, the Shudder deal just was icing on the icing on the cake. Really. I mean, it couldn’t have worked out any better, especially with everything happening with theaters too, you know?

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