Hawn Tran interview for Scare Package

In the past two weeks I got to interview the cast of scare package about working on anthology films and Joe Bob Briggs, hope you enjoy the interview with Hawn Tran.

Hawn Tran (00:11):Hi, AJ. You’re almost gone. Hang on. How are you? Hey, AJ. How are you?

AJ Friar (00:18):Um, you know, I’m just hanging there.

Hawn Tran (00:20):Uh, how, how, how code COVID for you guys?

AJ Friar (00:24):Oh, it’s staying as sane as we can say. So how Hawn , What got, you interested in joining a scare package?

Hawn Tran (00:35):Um, uh, I would say the producer, uh, cause before this movie, um, I actually did, uh, I think I did two movies before this, with them. Uh, I met them on, on this movie, uh, that they produce for universal, um, called camera Obscura and, um, and everything’s been, we connected and, uh, and this was, this was the second movie, uh, that we get together.

AJ Friar (01:04):And how was it like reading a script for an anthology film were you’re handed like the old script or just certain parts of it?

Hawn Tran (01:13):Well, well, I’ll wake up and see my part, which is my segment of it. So basically it was a very, it was a huge surprise whenever I got some premiere. So the premier was when, whenever I actually got to see the whole thing.

AJ: (01:31):AJ: Oh, wow. And how was it like seeing all these stories together for the first time?

Hawn Tran (01:37):I love it. Like when, whenever we were shooting it. So for my view story scene, it was all, it was all shot in within a week. So I didn’t get a chance to see all the other segments. So, so it was, I was really confused. I was like, I want to, how are you going to like connect these? So until the premier that’s when they’re like, Oh, so the video is what connectors together. That makes sense. So, yeah, it was, it was a big surprise.

AJ Friar (02:06):Are you a fan of anthology films growing up?

Hawn Tran (02:10):Honestly, uh, I’m not a big fan of anthologies because like, it gets confusing, but for this one in particular, because it has a segment that ties everything together. That’s what I really liked about this one.

AJ Friar (02:23):Yeah. And that’s the thing about anthology he’s playing so many or hit and miss because they write, they have great point and almost family, slightly short stories that don’t like mesh very well. This one, this one did, and now it seems like a lot of bands, all anthology movies are being made out in plain irony. Then they really are just trying to create a good anthology movie. Now it seems like there’s just an influx of so many anthology film. So was there any hesitation on your part to kind of take this? I know you’ve worked with some producers before, but wasn’t there any hesitation to working on an anthology project?

Hawn Tran(03:08):Um, uh, yes. So did this with my first involved you ever worked on, um, and also the character Han kind of require a little bit of knowledge in horror films and stuff. So I actually, uh, my only hesitation this one was, was you, I know enough horror, you know, to like, to, to actually make this character more believable. So I, I actually did get my research on, um, on each segment to at least know the backstage, you know, just to know, just more familiar with each segment that’s, that’s referencing to a horror. Right. And, uh, how was it like working with, uh, Joe Bob and Greg’s on this because he has such a legend and there’s timing him on this film kind of like help set that much more and being, so what a fine and the horror community. Yes, that was, I told you guys, honestly, I, I didn’t get to meet him on set because we work on two different days. Um, but like, but like they, like, like I said, I didn’t see a lot of it until the, until the premiere itself and whenever he popped on screen, I was, I was shook. I was like, I was just asking out surprise as, as you guys.

AJ Friar (04:22):Yeah. And, uh, so how was it, uh, just working with the cast members as well? Cause everybody in scare package was just so great. So how was it like with your, uh, supporting cast members on your segment?

Hawn Tran (04:37):I love it. I love it. Each character brings something different and then each actor brings something different. It, this is the first, I would say it’s the first film where like, we’re like, I got chance to work with so many different from so many different characters, meaning different actors, but yes, it was, yeah, it was very diverse cast and it was, we, we just matched very well together.

AJ: And Hawn what are some of your favorite movies growing up that got you into acting. If you had any movies that got you into acting or you just kind of started out acting, what were some of the influences that you had?

Hawn Tran (05:21):Um, I’ve always been fond growing up a lot of movies. So it just depends on each genre. I grew up like loved watching movies. Like, you know, it’s in and like, Oh shit, I know this is, um, this is Oh seven 11 and all that stuff. I just really enjoy the different types of genres. I watched them all. I watched four actions, dramas. I watched them all.

AJ Friar (05:53):Well, Hawn thank you so much infamous horrors. It’s really fun talking to you. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Yeah. Anytime have a great afternoon. .

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