Come Play Review

Come Play features some of the best work of the cast members involved and should be up there with their best works including Gillian Jacob’s(TV’s Community, Netflix’s Love) also John Gallagher Jr, and newcomer Azhy Robertson. The performances that Jacob Chase gets from his cast is simply amazing. It was a real treat to also see how Jacob Chase wrote the element of autism into the story without it being soapy or forced.

It’s also a great way to talk about the great things and bad things about technology, and how we use it as a whole. Oliver is a mute autistic child who uses his cellphone to communicate. A mysterious monster only seems to come Oliver trying to break into their word. Somehow this is telling me the writer and director was trying to say that technology has grown to help us but it could also be our downfall.

At the end of the day, Come Play is a surprisingly strong entry to the element of supernatural horror. I think adding Autism into it certainly help and made you care more for the lead. It’s also a very strong outing from Jacob Chase who should be on everyone’s watch list.

Overall grade: 4/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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