The Witches 2020 Review

The Witches is surprisingly a fun movie. When the trailer debuted it was met with extreme dislike and hate from the horror community. Which is such a funny thing to me how certain people automatically have their minds set to react to something without being open-minded about it. I suppose most remakes are like that, I enjoyed quite a bit of remakes recent that a lot of the horror community didn’t enjoy, including Fright Night, Child’s Play, The Woman In Black, and Suspiria I all enjoyed.

The performances in The Witches are fun to watch as well. Octavia Spencer keeps this movie above water, Anne Hathaway is fun in her own right. Even though, I think the director wanted her to be flamboyant in the film and chew up the scenery. Stanley Tucci is great in anything he acts in even if the movie itself isn’t great. The Witches remake is a lot better than what people are saying.

In the year of postponements and pushbacks, streaming has become king. HBO Max is another example of cooking while the kettle is hot. It may have token a lot of people by surprise when it was announced The Witches would be streaming on HBO Max, but now with this film being released families can enjoy a really fun family movie at home.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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