Don’t Breathe 2 set for August 2021

After we just got the news that Stephen Lang has just finished filming his part for Don’t Breathe 2, we have word that the movie will be releasing on August 13th, 2021, while this is all tentative right now because we don’t know what December or the first quarter will bring with more being pushed back due to the pandemic. Here’s hoping that the pandemic gets solved before too long.

Fede Alvarez (The Girl in the Spider’s Web) directed the first Don’t Breathe, which stumbled out of the darkness in 2016 to an impressive $157 million worldwide box office on a $10 million budget. played by Stephen Lang, proceeds to murder the utter shit out of the crew, and numerous unpleasant things come to light throughout the night.

What do you think of how the sequel from Screen Gems is shaping out? Are you interested or no?

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