Chop Chop review

Chop Chop is guaranteed to be a new Halloween tradition for slasher fans around the globe. It’s a unique spin on modern slashers which put bluntly has been a travesty as of late. The last great one was Elijah Wood’s remake of Maniac no matter how divisive it may have been and no matter how uncontrollable it was to watch, after all, that’s what makes a slasher film great to watch. That’s what Chop Chop does so well here.

While it has its highlights, Chop Chop does not come without its flaws. The pacing can be dull sometimes along with the acting isn’t quite there either making some of it cringe-worthy to watch. Overall Chop Chop, gets the job as an exceedingly well-made kill and gore in a slasher film. Let’s be honest when most people go see a slasher that’s all they care about.

The directing isn’t half bad here and it carries the film as bad as the acting is at time the director has a direction and that makes the biggest difference in Chop Chop.

Overall grade: 2.5/5 stars
Written by: AJ Friar

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