Mary Harron and AnnaSophia Robb interview for Quibi’s The Expecting

This week we got to speak with Mary Harron(American Psycho) and AnnaSophia Robb about their new TV show on Quibi called The Expecting. Take a look below at the interview

AJ: How did this project come about? 

Mary Harron: Well, my agent sent over the script. And they mentioned something about Qubi, how they were financing movies. Well finiancing movies in episodic form. When you hear the phrase financing movies, your ears always perk up and I said “Well, let me see the script” and I really was taken by it and that was the deciding factor and when I started reading it I started seeing images and the script is very visual and tense In one of the first three episodes, you have one of those dream sequences, and that’s when I said “Okay, I just have to do this”

AJ: AnnaSophia, this question is for you… What convinced you to do this project? You haven’t done a whole lot of horror yet. So what took you to take this jump? 

AnnaSophia: Like Mary, I was very drawn to the script and the complex personality. The writers really were creative on making this a nail biter and making this pregnancy to explore horror and having no control over I thought it would be an interesting ride. and Mary, is such an excellent director so I wanted to work with her as well.

AJ: How was it like working with Quibi? Did you have to shoot from different camera angles the whole time since its designed for Mobile Devices? 

Mary Harron: No, it’s actually quite easy you have this High Def monitor that’s really big… You’re shooting on 7K you have enough space on the monitor to shoot it both vertical and horizontally. 
Almost always, it was very rare where we did have to add a little bit extra, and before hand, I was so nervous like how were we ever going to be able to shoot both of these at once. 

AnnaSophia: I mean, just like Mary it was similar to like working on an indie film we moved fast and furious as a whole it didn’t feel different from other sets I previously worked on. 

AJ: Mary, this question is for you… How was the casting process like for this you got AnnaSophia as the lead and you got Rory Culkin(Waco, Lords of Chaos) as well who is on a bit of a hot streak right now?

Mary Harron: Yeah, I was very excited they both wanted to do it. Anna signed up first then you spend time matching up the chemistry I saw Rory recently in Lords of Chaos and Gabriel where he plays a kid that’s right out of a mental hospital
and its really reviting and he brought a lot to his character he and AnnaSophia were just terrific to work with.

AJ: How was it like creating the atmosphere because its really intense and really atmospheric so how was it like creating that? 

Mary: (Laughs) Yeah, wait till you get to later episodes (Laughs again) 

Mary: Hang on to your hats

AJ: And again working with Quibi, how was it like witnessing their editing process, because like you said it was like shooting a movie in episodic form

Mary: To me, it was like everything was accelerated I felt like we had to do so much in a day I remember looking at my call sheet and I and the AD would just laugh because of how much we would have to do in a day.
It was very intense and more so we shot it like a movie but we got a lot more in.

Written By: AJ Friar

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