Jim Cummings interview for The Wolf of Snow Hollow

This week we got to interview Jim Cummings who previously made the fantastic offbeat comedy Thunder Road for his new horror thriller called The Wolf of Snow Hollow. He was such a fantastic guy to talk to. Hope you enjoy the interview

AJ: How did this movie come about Jim?

Jim: I wrote it in 2016 in the summer and it would be fun to make a snowy movie I wrote it as a fun horror detective movie and also a monster movie I thought it would be fun to film something in the winter time, I was so nervous because of how cold the cast and crew was and the amount of frostbite we might encounter while filming.

AJ: How was the casting process for it, because you Robert Foster as your father. Also Jimmy Tatro in a serious role and he crushed it.

Jim: Robert was amazing we got him in five weeks before shooting he was a dream to work and added some serious credibility. Jimmy Tatro my good buddy made American vandal it was a surprise a lot viewers. That I casted him in this because we seen comedic chops from his YouTube stuff, Modern Family and American Vandal but it was like working with him we got most of his shots in one take, he was fantastic I’m glad you brought him up in that regard.

AJ: How was it like with VFX team on making the werewolf for this movie?

Jim: It was really fun, it was a dream we got to make to make a monster Michael Yale I felt like Guillermo Del Toro haha we had no time to really make the costume most werewolf costumes are made in 8 months and we and the VFX team made it in 8 weeks!! It was insane and the killed man.

AJ: What was some of your favorite monster movies growing up?

Jim: Yeah, I really loved American Werewolf in London the transformation is so tense and funny and Men In Black, the effects felt super realistic. It was based off Darth Maul and The Headless Horseman it was actually heavily inspired by the actor Ray Park who played both of those characters.

AJ: Who blew you away on set, we knew what Jimmy Tatro and Robert Foster would bring but let’s talk about the supporting cast.

Jim: Kelsey played Fairchild in the movie and just blew us away it felt like Hitchcock and zodiac watching her performance was crazy good, every dialogue and monologue she crushed it.

AJ: You’ve made Cop centric movies, is there any family members or friends?

I don’t have family members in the force but there was military in my family so there were some sort of uniforms just not cops. I just find them to be interesting it’s a toxic hostile it’s a really complicated work environment to get anything
When it comes to those two I wanted to humanize and also humiliate them in a way and have fun exploring what really goes on there.

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