The Call(2020) Review

The Call stars the legendary Lin Shaye in an all time performance along side genre icon Tobin Bell who actually has a character that show us his range in a horror movie. While I enjoyed the Saw franchise for what it was, it never really tapped into his showcase what he can really do and man does it payoff!

Tobin Bell just dominated the movie the whole time he’s in it stealing scenes from Lin Shaye which has been extremely difficult to do in recent years. Jeffrey Reddick is a bit on a hot streak as well the creator of Final Destination also lended his hand for The Call.

Timothy Woodward Jr. Also directed Lin Shaye in The Last Wish and their chemistry proves formidable here once again, showing us that they can be a dynamic duo in years to come. The rest of the younger cast does a good job going toe to toe with the two legendary horror icons, which must have been so impressive to watch on set.

The main Shinning star here is in fact Tobin Bell because how much of the movie falls on him and he never misses a beat in the process.

Overall grade: 4/5 stars
Written by: AJ Friar

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