Angela Bettis interview for 12 Hour Shift

This week we conducted an email interview with Angela Bettis, one of the stars of the phenomenal new film 12 Hour Shift, which is a wild ride and if your fans of character studies this should be up your alley. Hope you enjoy the interview.


  1. This is a challenging role, what exactly drove you to take this character on in 12 Hour Shift? 

A: Brea wrote a complex and interesting antihero in Mandy.

I enjoy playing complex characters.

It’s fun and challenging for me.

2. It seemed like a draining performance emotionally, which you absolutely nailed. Was there any research you did for the role that was challenging?

A: I did some research into opiate dependency and how it physically manifests in an addicts body.

I found this information on opiates to be one of the keys to playing Mandy. 

It helped me to map out her mental and physical states throughout the 12 Hour Shift.

3.            In a heavy movie like this do the other cast members like to keep it light on set or was everyone in character throughout? 

A: It was a really fun group of actors.

And a really fun crew, as well. 

Lots of joking, singing and keeping it light.

4. Is it rewarding to see the response the movie has gotten? I for one think it’s a really special film.

A: It’s great that people are enjoying the film.

We sure enjoyed making it.

I’m so glad you find it special.

I do, too!

Brea is so talented in so many ways. 

5.            How was it working with Brea Grant, also having David Arquette be along for the ride? 

A: She is a gifted writer/director and I hope she gets to do a lot more directing of her screenplays!

David Arquette is a sweetheart and a total pro. 

It was truly a pleasure to have him around.

6.            If you could give any advice for aspiring actors(actresses) what would it be?

A: Honestly, I don’t think I have any advice.

I’m still learning, myself.

But, there is always something to be said for the old adages, “follow your heart”, and “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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