Chop Chop review

Chop Chop is guaranteed to be a new Halloween tradition for slasher fans around the globe. It’s a unique spin on modern slashers which put bluntly has been a travesty as of late. The last great one was Elijah Wood’s remake of Maniac no matter how divisive it may have been and no matter how uncontrollable it was to watch, after all, that’s what makes a slasher film great to watch. That’s what Chop Chop does so well here.

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ARROW to Debut The El Duce Tapes in November
Music Doc Follows the Self-Described “King of Sleaze”
Cult Streamer Unveils New Trailer

ARROW is honored to announce the exclusive premiere of The El Duce Tapes, the new X-rated music documentary about El Duce, the self-styled “King of Sleaze”, a legendary underground figure who once boasted he was asked to kill Kurt Cobain for $50,000. Directed by Rodney Ascher and David Lawrence, with interviews directed by Ryan Sexton, The El Duce Tapes is an outrageous expose of a rocker described on national television as a “disgusting pervert”, a hugely divisive, troubled figure who was a skilled musician and relentless provocateur.

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Music Doc Follows the Self-Described “King of Sleaze”
Cult Streamer Unveils New Trailer”

Nocturne(Welcome to the Blumhouse) Review

Nocturne may will be my favorite Blumhouse ‘horror’ movie in recent years I say horror like that because I’m sure some won’t consider this horror and yell at us saying it’s a thriller. If you dislike movies like Suspiria I’d recommend you to stir clear of Nocturne as it’s similar tone and it has a nice mix of the underrated Elijah Wood and John Cusack movie Grand Piano.

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Universal remaking The Others

Universal is planning a remake on Nicole Kidman’s ghost story movie The Others. While I think this is one of Nicole’s best films a lot of people I’ve talked to seem to dislike it greatly. However, I don’t mind a remake because the story itself The Turning of The Screw has been told multiple times including The Innocents, and more recent affair including The Turning and now in the hot Netflix show The Haunting of Bly Manor.

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Black Box(Welcome To The Blumhouse) review

Black Box is an excellent psychological thriller movie, that’s part of the four movies of this years Welcome To The Blumhouse for Amazon Prime. I’m afraid a lot of Blumhouse’s fandom will not like these films, however, since they’re very wary of films he produces for streaming and if you’re not a fan of his Hulu horror anthology Into The Dark, which I think are generally great flicks. The Welcome To The Blumhouse anthologies won’t persuade you to be a fan of these streaming titles.

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