The Swerve Review

The Swerve Is a movie made for fans like In The Mouth Of Madness and similar movies in tones where the main character just find themselves in situations that often cause more chaos than luck. Luckily however, The Swerve is much more than what meets the eye on the surface. From the trailer, it looked like a typical line of movies that feel like they made for the Lifetime movie channel and this is one reason I have strayed from away from watching any sort of trailer for movies that are sent my way to review. Especially with theaters being closed its much easier to avoid a trailer nowadays. I’m glad I still ended up giving The Swerve a shot because dammit! It is truly something special to behold.

While not typically horror it does have its fair share of dark tones where the main character finds herself on medications and hallucinate’s throughout the film making the viewer guessing what is real or not and that is what The Swerve so damn interesting and the perfomance from the lead actress Azura Skye provides what is to be a sure breakthrough performance. Her performance as Holly is simply amazing to behold unfold in front of you on the screen and is simply captivating.

What Dean Kapsails does with directing and writing the characters into three-dimensional people is admirable. Even the supporting players like Ashley Bell and Zach Rand are terrific in their roles and I believe the credit has to go to Dean’s writing of The Swerve just taking material that would be a typical movie of the week on Hallmark or Lifetime and put in this dark surreal atmoshpere that he did is just amazing.

Overall the story holds its fair share of cliches but it works on many levels mainly due to Dean Kapsails and the actors around his directing skills make The Swerve worthwile. The Swerve is currently on-demand services now and you should give it a watch.

Overall grade: 3.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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