Eternal Code Review

Eternal Code is a new science fiction movie with a splash of horror elements involved that is really helped by the performances of the stars involved. Richard Tyson especially really improves the product around while it may not the best film you’ll see in 2020 it’s an admirable attempt by Harley Wallen.

Eternal Code is not without its fair share of flaws including a lot of tropes that cliche a lot of independent productions where it comes off feeling like a soap opera at times. Especially when some of the supporting characters feel flat. When I talked to some people in the business some people’s characters are just to get to point A to point B. Maybe that’s intended with some the writing where the surrounding players aren’t juicy enough.

However, there are some memorable icons involved including an amazing Yan Birch(The People Under The Stairs) who delivers an over-the-top scenery-chewing performance that will make B-movie Fans happy to see.

While this movie isn’t for everyone because of its production value isn’t there and I know a lot of people on here only enjoy big-budgeted movies. Eternal Code does have it’s fair share of moments that give enough reasons for a one-time viewing.

Overall grade:
2.5/5 Stars

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