Alone Review

Alone is a tough movie to review, there’s plenty of great things going for it including the direction, acting, and tension. However, the pacing and editing just isn’t quite there for Alone or else this would’ve been much better than it was. Don’t get me wrong, Alone is a very fine film, it just never escalated to being as great as the acting and directing was.

Jules Willcox turns in a fantastic performance that is comparable to Julia Stiles in the season of Dexter she was in. Jules just absolutely owns Alone and is a female hero we will be talking about for years to come if she keeps landing roles as she did here.

Marc Menchaca also gives a performance in which he channels Kevin Bacon so much when I first viewed the trailer I had to do a double-take to see if it were in fact Kevin Bacon. Like I previously stated Alone is a very fine film it just never fully lives up to its full potential, I for one wanted it to bring a little bit more juice to the plot then it could have been The Strangers on the road.

It is worth your time at the drive-ins or local cinemas if they’re open. I don’t think Alone has a rewatchable viewing power that some films of 2020 already has but it is worth buying a ticket for. Just for the acting alone.

Overall grade:
2.5/5 Stars

Written By:
AJ Friar

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