Interview with Vampiro for NAIL IN THE COFFIN: The Fall & Rise of Vampiro

A few weeks ago, I got to sit with the legendary iconic wrestler Vampiro in a very short interview since I had crappy signal and was about to go into work. I was so thankful how humble Vampiro and his producer for the documentary was. Vampiro is truly one of the nicest genuine people you will ever meet.

AJ: What was it like being around Vampiro during filming for Nail In The Coffin?

Michael(producer): Aw man, it was surreal. Seeing him now as a father he’s one of the most genuine human beings you could ever be around. Just how he overcame so much in his life to get to this point and on the El Rey Network has been truly amazing to witness.

AJ: Right, it must have been amazing. The documentary spoke levels to me, how Vampiro has grown to be this man that we see now.

Michael the producer or Nail In The Coffin

AJ: (while breaking up)Vampiro, this question is for you how has wrestling helped you with anxiety?

Vampiro: Man, I think you’re breaking up a little bit. Did you ask me how I deal with panic attacks? Because I’m F___ having one now with you breaking up.

AJ: Yeah, sorry about the signal Vamp. I meant to ask how has Wrestling helped you with Anxiety?

Vampiro: Wrestling has caused most of it really, but it did help me realize how I need to control it better and put myself in better situations around it.

AJ: Vampiro, I grew up on the skit you did for Insane Clown Posse. Who would you say is the funnest people or group that you met?

Vampiro: Well, I typically don’t get caught up in that because everyone is their own human being and everyone is so different. But by saying that I have met my fair share of awesome people while I have been in the business of wrestling.

AJ: Well guys I am truly really sorry that I have to call it early because I’m about to go to work since they changed my schedule at the last moment on me.

Vampiro: Hey Brother, thank you for giving time of the out of your life to speak with us and promote the movie. What is it that you do brother?

AJ: I am a custodian at a Community College.

Vampiro: Never apologize for having to go to work man, what you do is very important and especially now the kids need those campuses cleaner now more than ever, and I appreciate what you do very much.

AJ: Thanks Vampiro, hope you guys stay safe and have a good week.

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