“Hail to the Deadites” Evil Dead documentary unveils it’s trailer and poster

A great little documentary about Evil Dead recently premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival to a warm reception. I for one loved it and my review is on our other site at Infamous Movies if you wanted to read my thoughts there and Simon’s thoughts are here on infamous horrors.

“Inspired by the 1981 classic’s cult following, HAIL TO THE DEADITES is a documentary about the fans of the EVIL DEAD franchise. Through interviews with the cast, crew, collectors, fans, freaks and geeks, HAIL TO THE DEADITES seeks to illuminate the darkest reaches of the EVIL DEAD franchise’s undying and still-growing popularity, a popularity that has spawned four films, a TV series, comic books, figurines, and surpassed even its creator’s wildest dreams. HAIL TO THE DEADITES puts the spotlight on the fans that cultivated and spread this groovy pop-culture infection! It celebrates those who’ve celebrated the films!

Beside meeting with fans around the world, the 80 minutes documentary feature interviews with Evil Deadfranchise cast members such as Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, Tom Sullivan ,Dan Hicks ,Kassie Wesley DePaiva, Sarah Berry, Rick Domeier & Bill Moseley.

Last week, the film was acquired for Canadian distribution by Indiecan Entertainment, and the international sales bill be handled by Raven Banner Entertainment who currently feature the title at the Toronto International Film Festivals Market.

I am extremely happy to have the chance to start a long relationship with Indiecan Entertainment. Avi wears Canadian Cinema on his sleeve, and I couldn’t have found a better home for Hail to the Deadites.” Says director Steve Villeneuve. “As for Raven Banner, they have established themselves as the best sales agents for any horror film. I’m truly happy to work with them again“

I’m extremely excited about starting a working relationship with Steve Villeneuve both on the distribution side and also starting a collaboration of making some cool documentary films together” says Indiecan’s Avi Federgreen. “Steve’s an excellent filmmaker and I think he’s really hit a home run for all of the EVIL DEAD lovers out there!”.

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