Z Blu-Ray review

Z is a new horror movie, that is a predominantly cookie cutter made-for-tv esque vibe. That just didn’t work for me at all… The only good thing about the Z Blu-Ray release are the audio and video transfers this release also lacks in special features.

The first act was really slow and poorly written the acting was okay, however, the acting wasn’t as bad as the writing and pacing issues that it had.
During the second act the writting even got lazier and at least I could tell where the movie was heading or getting at before it happened.
Sometimes that could be fun if the movie was enjoyably a “so bad its good” but Z just put a few more Z’s and put me to sleep watching it.

This reminded me of the Robert De Niro flick Hide and Seek. However, Hide and Seek had the perfomance of Robert De Niro going for it.
While some of the actors try to keep Z going, overall, its not that entertaining except if you watched it on a streaming service like Shudder on a rainy afternoon.

Z isn’t the worst movie I have seen this year not even the worst horror movie I’ve seen this year. It doesn’t add anything new to the genre and you get that “Been there done that” vibe halfway through the movie and its only about 90 minutes which is saying something.

There’s plenty genre names in Z, that you wish it would be better, because on paper it has much more going for it but it just stalls.

Overall grade: 
1/5 stars

Written by: AJ Friar

Available on VOD, Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray on September 1, 2020

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