Troma taken off YouTube!!

Legendary filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman’s YouTube channel has been removed from YouTube completely. Lloyd is known for his creations of The Toxic Avenger, Return to Class of Nuke Em’ High, also re-releasing the deranged classic Bloodsucking Freaks.

I grew up on Lloyd Kaufman‘s movies, so this is really saddening news to hear about YouTube double standards being used on Troma. The channel was a place for free Troma films for fans to enjoy.

It was removed without specifics and the channel is listed as “content unknown” when you try to access the content by previously listed links. If the content makers didn’t backup their videos, it’s gone forever.

With youtube having the history of refusing to remove videos that pander to degenerates such as profiles and also allowing videos to profile real violence and murders, this seems to be completely discriminatory and unfair.

#freetromasfreechannel #shakespearesshitstorm

We need YouTube to rethink their recent actions towards Lloyd Kaufman and Troma.

Written By: AJ Friar

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