The Owners Review

The Owners is a terrific home invasion movie that keeps the tension going along with great acting throughout the whole cast. Including a never better Maisie Williams(The New Mutants) she is a star in the making with her performance in The Owners.

Maisie Williams is a star in the making

What really keeps The Owners from being its run of the mill horror films is the cast and the bold twist and turns through the film. One thing I typically hate about modern horror is that most are often way too formulaic. The Owners disregard that completely and make bold decisions not caring if it pisses you off or not and I applaud the writing of The Owners for that.

Rita Tushingham and Sylvester McCoy are the real players here stealing every moment and dominating the screen with their demanding chemistry that just makes you lock eyes on whatever they’re doing. Andrew Ellis is also a great supporting player who has great chemistry with Maisie.

Overall The Owners is a decent surprise to have in the year 2020 where streaming titles on Videos on demand is king. The Owners ranks with some of the best indie thrillers of 2020

Overall grade:

4/5 stars

Written By:
AJ Friar

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