Scream 5 Releasing January 2022

With everything almost being pushed back to 2021 it makes sense for a lucrative franchise like Scream to open up 2022. However, us who know the business and what studios feel about the first quarter(January-March) typically means we aren’t in for a good time. Things could change however, with studios shedding away that old myth.

The long awaited sequel to Scream 4 will finally see the light of day on January, 14th 2022. Hard to believe in 18 months we will possibly be seeing Scream 5 on the big screen(if all goes well and COVID-19 finds a cure this year or early next).

It was previously announced that David Arquette and Courtney Cox would both be reprising their roles. Which we know got a lot of the Scream fans excited again. It’s kinda hard doing a Scream movie without them.

What do you think of the release date?

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