Unhinged Review

Unhinged is a no bar held masterpiece of a thriller in which Russell Crowe absolutely kills it!! In a role like you’ve never seen him Russell Crowe portraying Tom Cooper is my spirit animal when it comes to driving in traffic. You will be cheering and shouting to see what madness Russell Crowe gets himself into is just an absolute pleasure to watch unfold in this glorious batshit crazy-ass film that is tons of fun!

When it comes down to two-person driven movies like Gerry or even tv shows a la Room 104 it is all made or break by the lead chemistry in those two roles and what Caren Pistorious and Russell Crowe have here is phenomenal! It keeps the tension going and Caren Pistorious and Crowe both should be up for any awards this year which may go down as the best thriller of 2020!!!

Jimmi Simpson also has a knockout cameo as Caren’s lawyer and he owns it, standing toe to toe with an actor like Russell Crowe and as always Jimmi doesn’t disappoint and hopefully, this will get him more roles after Twilight Zone season 2 and now this.

At the end of the day, Unhinged is the perfect movie to escape with. Especially if you’ve ever felt like Tom Cooper in traffic. Unhinged is this generation Falling Down. It will be one horror and thriller fans alike will love.

Overall grade:

4/5 stars

Written By:
AJ Friar

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