Random Acts of Violence Review

Random Acts of Violence is a wickedly awesome modern slasher! Directed by comedic actor Jay Baruchel who delivers an absolute stunner of a film that will make horror fans drool with excitements for days and craving more long after the film has its end credit.

Primarily known for Goon and his films with Seth Rogen. Jay Baruchel dives into serious horror this time unlike his previous effort into the genre in This is The End(though a fantastic film I still wish they kept it closer to the short film) Random Acts of Violence is a really violent good time with a knockout Jesse Williams and Jordana Brewster yes, this has an A-list cast while hitting all the right notes of a Midnight B horror movie you could see at a drive-in.

I was really impressed with what Jay Baruchel’s directorial skills were with this movie and that he stuck with this project for long as he did so we could finally see the finished product. I can just talk all day about how awesome this flick is. This is coming from a guy that is mainly over slasher flicks as a whole but this one is a real winner!

Overall grade:

3.5/5 stars

Written by:
AJ Friar

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