Good Things Devil Do Review

Good Things Devil Do is a really entertaining, shoestring budget independent horror film that has an excellent cast featuring Kane Hodder who absolutely kills it! Along with the forever cool Bill Oberst Jr. who delivers a really solid performance once again and you can always tell when he pours his heart into a role like he did here.

The Good Thing Devil Do is a wicked good time. Bill Oberst Jr and Kane Hodder knock it out of the park!

Good Things Devil Do isn’t without flaws however, the effects are fun but not that great as other horror films but that’s not the crews fault, might have suffered from the films budget. Even though the effects suffer a tad, the make up department did a really great job trying to cover that up.

The supporting cast also helped elevate Good Things Devil Do above a typical b-movie and made it a really fun watch close to Halloween season. With COVID19 making it almost certain that Halloween activities will be kept to a minimum outside and public outings, this is a solid way to spend your Halloween season with a new horror movie worth while.

Jess Norvisgaard also does a fine job behind the camera with the pacing and timing of Good Things Devils Do. As it never takes too long to build up and gets to the point rather quickly.

Overall grade:

3/5 stars

Written by:
AJ Friar

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