Spree Review

Spree is a wildly entertaining fresh POV movie that breaths fresh air into the horror genre including stellar performances that will hook you right in!

The plot may seem a little simple with Kurt (Joe Keery), a 23-year-old rideshare driver for Spree, who is so desperate for social media attention that he’ll stop at nothing to go viral. He comes up with a plan to livestream a rampage as a shortcut to infamy. It’s a typical plot device in the genre staple but the way the filmmakers do it with Spree makes it well worth your while.

Especially Joe Kerry here steps out of his Stranger Things shadow and does something completely captivating and you can’t keep your eyes off him the whole time. Sasheer Zamata also gives a knockout performance as the stand up comedian who steals every scene that she’s in and absolutely kills it when she’s on stage and delivering powerful line after line and never stops.

If you want something fresh to watch this weekend then Spree will definitely be up your alley as it brings something new to horror…

Overall grade:

3.5/5 stars

Written By:
AJ Friar

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