La Llorona Review

La Llorona hasn’t had a good film adaptation yet, yes the Linda Cardellini starring Conjuring Universe film is much more of a guilty pleasure than it is a good film. The new one streaming now on Shudder tries too hard in my opinion at being a political horror film.

The best thing about horror films is the metaphors and allegories they can use to entertain people without throwing it in your face the whole time. This new La Llorona seems to disregard that aspect of what makes horror great and has this in plain sight while barely having anything scary going on at all.

I am sure this may find its audience in due time when people distance themselves from the fact that it isn’t horror but a political drama using a horror staple as a draw in for the audience. Right now my opinion on this film is rather low but that may change over time if I revisit it after time has past now knowing this is much more of a political drama than horror. Then again I didn’t feel much emotion in that regard as well when it came down to the bottom line of the film.

Overall grade:

1.5/5 stars

Written By:
AJ Friar

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