She Dies Tomorrow Review

She Dies Tomorrow is the best psychological horror movie of the year. It’s such a visually appealing movie for the eyes, to also keep the audience enhanced with the plotline of the films which is interesting because this was made before Covid19 and the mindset of this movie is very timely to be released now.

Amy Seimetz who is primarily known for portraying Rachel Creed in the Pet Cemetery remake which I thoroughly enjoyed(yeah I know, unpopular opinion)… She absolutely does a fantastic job directing the cast who are also primarily known for comedic roles including a superb Kate Aselton(TV’s The League).

The real story here is Jane Adams who has practically been in moderately small bit roles finally has something to sink her teeth into and absolutely gives us an Oscar-worthy performance that we will be talking about for years… I know I still can’t get her performance out of my mind and it’s been a week since I’ve seen She Dies Tomorrow.

The only thing I have concern over this film is that a lot of people that say ”I couldn’t even get 15 minutes into it” may turn it off rather quickly but it’s well worth your time. Please check it out because what Jane Adams does here is phenomenal.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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