Attack of The Unknown Review

Attack of The Unknown is an epic feast of science fiction bad-assness. The Mahal brothers Michael and Sonny(The Art of The Dead) reunite with fan favorite Richard Grieco, as Richard commands the screen in a performance that will resurrect him in the public’s eye as the definition of cool.

Richard Grieco delivers the performance of his career

The way Richard keeps his performance grounded in such a big visual spectacle is admirable. The cast around him is also phenomenal including a knock-out cameo from Tara Reid and Rachel Christenson. The director Brandon Slagle does a fantastic job keeping the pace going at a fast and ferocious

Attack of The Unknown is a visual feast that needs to be seen on the biggest screen

This production deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible I could only imagine this on an IMAX or Dolby Cinema screen where the sound is so immersive. If you love B-Movie science fictions film with an A-List feel, Attack Of The Unknown is the perfect way to entertain yourself.

Tara Reid gives a knockout cameo

I hope many people on this site will check this out when it becomes available on digital platforms. It’s well worth your time.

Overall grade:

5/5 stars

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