The Pool Review

The Pool is a new high-octane white-knuckle thriller that’s now streaming on Shudder. It’s soon to be one of their best original films of all time. Especially now when they don’t have a whole lot of original films. Think of Crawl on a lower budget.

The budget of The Pool doesn’t hurt the tension or runtime at all everyone involved with the cast and crew knocks this out of the park. A lot of viewers on our site will appreciate the fact that it throws you into the action instantly and never lets up.

Theeradej Wongpuapan gives just an incredible performance that’s bound to be talked about all year amongst horror fans as one of the best. Ping Lumpraploeng also does a helluva job directing the hell out of this movie creating the tension through the lenses is just majestic and a must-see.

Overall I highly recommend The Pool to our readers on Infamous Horrors. The tension is nonstop and the acting is fantastic. It’s just a great time all around.

Overall grade:

4/5 stars

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