Lake of Death review

Lake of Death of a new stylish thriller brought to us by Shudder’s online streaming service. It’s a viciously entertaining foreign film that many should enjoy upon viewing.

Lake of Death has quite a few nods to horror trope classics that B-movie fans will highly appreciate. Such as references to Sam Raimi’s cult horror-comedy classic Evil Dead, Misery, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Lake of Death also looks glorious many thanks to its cinematographer Axel Mustard, using the almost extinct look of 35mm film. The look and style of the film pay off excellent. As a result of his choice.

However, there are many faults in the originality of the script and therefore it becomes somewhat of a loose cannon at times, the acting is what mainly keeps Lake of Death above normal B-movie Fare…

While there are many movies to stream on Shudder if you have time to check this out I would recommend it on a rainy afternoon. Or hell maybe during the quarantine anything is worth a watch more than it would be any other time of your life.

Overall grade

2.5/5 stars

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